Everyone should feel welcome at our university and especially international students should be able to get along well.

For this reason we requested to translate the access orders and examination regulations into English in the past session of the Students‘ Parliament in cooperation with Campus Grün Oldenburg. No matter how well international students learn the German language to prepare for their semester in Oldenburg, the complicated legal terms of the access orders and the examination regulations remain an obstacle that can hardly be overcome. To give everyone the opportunity of an independent orientation during their studies, we propose the translation into English, the most common international language of communication of the world.

Additionally, we propose to translate the module descriptions and catalogues into English to make the crediting of courses attended in Oldenburg easier at the home university as well as a mandatory labelling of the teaching language of every course in Stud.IP to give every international student the possibility to measure in advance if he has the language skills necessary to attend a certain lecture and to choose his courses accordingly.

We keep committing ourselves to the objective of a cosmopolitan University of Oldenburg and to taking into account the interests of international students!